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How to Check-in for Grand Rounds 2016:

 1. Via text message – A distinct code will be provided for each Grand Rounds.

You will need to register first and only once via a text message. Send your Partners email address in the body of a text message to: 617.313.2688.  Once you receive a confirmation email from Cloud-CME, you can text the distinct code for each GRs to the same number: 617-313-2688. A general Grand Rounds email message is sent each week with the distinct code for that activity to McLean All and those who requested a live stream link.  You must use this code to register via text; and, Please note, attendance can only be recorded 15 mins. prior to the activity start time, during the activity, and up to 15 mins. after the activity closes.

2.  See the Grand Rounds Registration Staff at Pierce Hall and they will assist you!

3.  Via mobile app – in your browser search CloudCME® check in or CloudCME® mobile appand download to your Apple or Android device(s)  to access the Check-in menu and scan a QR code. This app also features mobile access to your transcripts, access to the calendar of events, and many other exciting features!

If you need help with other aspects of this system, please contact us at:

Email:  education@mclean.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-855-3152